Floor installation methods

Nail down flooring

you select nail your hardwood floor you will need some professional equipment. A nail gun that has been precisely designed to be used to install wooden floors, for example Portanailer. The nail gun will use flat nails that have teeth on either edge which grip into the flooring plank and subfloor tightly. Remember not use a Paslode nail gun or a Bradnailer as they do not have the correct toothed nails.

If you are installing over a wooden subfloor only you can nail the floor, as the nails need something to clutch into. The nails will go into the tongued edge of the flooring plank at a 45 degree angle, so will be hidden from sight. This is why it is called ‘secret nailing’ .

Gluing down hardwood flooring

Can be another optional installation method for installing tongue and groove engineered wood flooring and some 5/16" thick solid wood flooring other than nailing or stapling the flooring down. Glue down as an installation method for wood floors we are using a bonding agent, adhesive or glue that lay directly on to your subfloor before laying your floor. As an installation method, glue down wood flooring is particularly suitable to either concrete or wood subfloors. That said, if you’re using this method over a concrete subfloor, you do need to make sure that there’s no dampness in the subfloor whatsoever. If there’s any doubt about dampness, we recommend that you install a two-part epoxy damp proof membrane to make sure that none of the residual dampness rises into your new floor, causing future damage.


With the floating installation method the engineered wood floor is not mechanically fastened to any part of the subfloor a bead of recommended wood glue is applied in the groove of each plank to glue the planks together. There is a thin underlayment pad that is placed between the wood flooring and the subfloor to provide a cushion. This underlayment also retards any moisture transfer from below and can reduce noise when walked on and makes the floor softer under foot. Nowadays most all engineered floors and engineered Longstrip floors can be floated. Installing a floating floor is a fast, easy method of installation. Please consult the engineered manufacturers installation instructions to see if your flooring can be floated.

Click lock method

Many manufacturers are using recently developed ways to install their engineered flooring by milling the boards tongue and grooving design into a click lock floating floor system where the boards simply fold and lock together with no messy glue or clamping. This proven technique has clearly made the process of installing wood and laminate flooring a lot faster and easier than any other type of installation method. More and more wood flooring manufacturers are offering this style of floating floors every day. All laminate flooring has the click lock design.