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The traditional parquet design can enhance a classic and contemporary twist to your traditional or modern home, giving an additional edge of grace. The rough nature of this flooring makes it suitable for a variety of spaces, including hallways and lounges. Parquetry floors are incredibly hard wearing, natural, sourced from sustainable timbers, easy to care for and offers you a stunning choice for your friends to envy. Parquetry allows you to imagine. With a huge range of options using block or mosaic techniques to make beautiful patterns, features borders, colours and finishes to enhance the look of your home or office; you are not limited in the designs that can be created.

Common Parquetry Flooring Laying Patterns

  • Abbot
  • Basketweave
  • Brickbond
  • Heritage
  • Herringbone
  • Square on Square

Methods of installation

  • Glued over concrete slab
  • Glued over particleboard subfloor
  • Glued over old timber flooring
  • Glued over plywood subfloor

There are numerous uses of choosing parquetry flooring, including how simple it can be to install. It can even be established over your original flooring, concrete or another dry surface. The boards are glued down to the subfloor, it doesn’t need for hammering. Before we begin the installation process, we first need to make sure that the surface of the subfloor has no greater deformation, as optimal parquet flooring installation needs a surface that is well-levelled. Once a dry and level floor has been achieved, the next step is the gluing down of blocks and sanding of the wood down the grain, following your chosen design. This is a task that needs a light touch and great care and is best left to the experts here at In Top wood tiber flooring.

Like most hardwood timber floors, parquetry flooring is very easy to clean, rarely stains, and won’t absorb bad odours. Its thickness also means it can be sanded down and refinished several times before needing to be completely replaced.

If you’re searching for a unique flooring choice for your property, engineered timber parquetry may be the perfect solution. Parquet flooring consists of chunks of timber being organized in a mosaic pattern. Let’s take a look at why parquetry flooring could be the perfect choice for your home.

  • 1.Versatile uses around the home-:Parquetry is a versatile flooring option which can be used to great effect in most homes. if you’re looking into uniform flooring throughout but don’t want install traditional floorboards, have an entranceway which could do with some character or want to make a feature of a certain area, parquetry could be just what you need to provide warmth and personality.
  • 2.Hard wearing -: When you select engineered timber parquetry flooring, you’re investing in a long lasting flooring solution which will last generations , when cared for it correctly. Engineered timber is made from several sheets which makes it both tough and moisture resistant. The top layer is made out of genuine hardwood which can stand up to daily wear and tear.
  • Hassle free maintenance-: When you see the often complicated patterns involved in parquet flooring, it’s easy to assume that it takes special care. In fact, engineered timber parquetry flooring is just as resilient as regular floorboards and, when installed correctly, can last generations. Simple run the vacuum over your floors once a week and do a quick sweep in between if there’s a build-up of dust. Like any other timber flooring, you need to make sure spills are cleaned up as quickly as possible to avoid damaging the timber.
  • Design options-: Herringbone and chevron are the most famous parquetry designs. Even though your choices are endless and you can choose a pattern which suits your personality. Basketweave, brickbond, double herringbone and Versailles are just some examples of parquet patterns you can integrate into your property. It’s not just the pattern itself that can add interest – you could also opt for a unique stain or use contrasting coloured timber pieces.
  • Easy to restore-: You can easily get your flooring looking like new with professional sanding and polishing. Sanding will get rid of scratches and other damage and you can choose your stain and finish to improve the look of the parquet.

At Topwood Timber flooring, we specialise in providing unique timber flooring solutions for our customers. Our premium engineered European oak flooring will bring your home to life and we have a variety of unique finishes, along with stunning parquetry designs. We offer timber floor installation and supplying Melbourne.

When it comes to choosing something different for your flooring, timber parquet flooring is a fabulous option. Parquetry involves laying wood in a mosaic-style of pattern and it offers a beautiful feature for the home. Though, some people are uncertain to choose parquetry for their home. As experts in parquetry flooring in Melbourne, we’ve heard myths around choosing parquetry flooring.

  • Myth #1: Parquetry flooring is only for older homes-: We often hear people say that they love parquetry but can’t incorporate it into their more modern home. Yes it’s true that parquetry dates all the way back to 17th century France and stunning works are often found in older homes, parquet flooring also blends seamlessly into newer homes. Parquetry is often the best solution if your modern home has large, open spaces and you need an option to add warmth and interest.
  • Myth #2: Parquetry is not as durable as floorboards-: With the complicated style and look that comes with parquet flooring, it’s reasonable that some people think that it simply won’t last as long as traditional flooring. Though, if you use quality engineered timber parquetry, you’re investing in a tough and durable flooring solution. Engineered timber is resistant to moisture and can be used to great effect in humid conditions. Also it's resistant with heavy foot traffic areas.
  • Myth #3: Parquetry is hard to maintain-: With all that intricate detail, parquetry must be a nightmare to maintain, right? Wrong. Parquetry flooring is just as easy to clean as regular wooden flooring. It’s just a matter of getting out the vacuum to get rid of dust and occasionally mopping with a specialist wood cleaner. As with any timber flooring, clean up any spills straight away to limit contact with moisture and bear with heavy foot traffic.
  • Myth #4: Limited with the choice of styles-: Mostly use more traditional styles in parquetry flooring, such as chevron, herringbone or basket weave, are the most widely used parquetry styles. There are plenty of other options available to add a point of difference to your parquet flooring. There are so many parquetry designs available for you to choose from and as an experienced parquetry floor installer, the topwood melbourne Timber team can help you choose a style that you love. Even if you choose a more traditional pattern, you can mix it up with a more modern finish.

There are limitless methods to design parquet flooring. If you are an avid DIY fan and would like to do the installation yourself, then this project is perfect for you. However, if you are new, it will be more sensible if you simply decide on the design that you want and have a professional install it for you. The different patterns you can create with parquet flooring shows that this type of flooring is very versatile. The following patterns are typical styles of parquet flooring Melbourne home owners typically install.

  • Block Parquetry: Block parquetry is the traditional choice for parquetry flooring in Melbourne homes, with large blocks perfectly titting any design feature in your home or business. Typically Block parquetry ranging in size from 225mm to 500mm long the blocks are manufactured to your specifications and laid individually on site to create the desired look whether it be in a herringbone, chevron or square on square pattern. Block parquetry is available in most popular Australian and international hardwood species including Blackbutt, Jarrah, Tasmanian Oak, European Oak and Maple. Contrasting colours are often used within the same floor to create depth in the design.
  • Mosaic Parquetry-:Mosaic Parquetry has been popular through the ages, and consists of small “fingers” of timber next to each other – they are laid in a square on square pattern. Mosaic is 8mm thick. It is suitable for homes, shops and stadiums. There are different things you can do with mosaic – such as lay the pattern in a 45o or 90o direction. The look changes dramatically. You can also have a border around the perimeter, with or without a pin stripe to accentuate it

Maintenance of Parquetry flooring

Same as hardwood flooring, parquet floors are pretty low-care. To clean parquetry floors, you only need to vacuum the surface lightly every other day; you can actually also use a broom to do the sweeping since there is nothing for the dust particles to hold onto. Its better to mop the floor every couple of days to take off all of the dirt that your vacuum may have left behind. We don’t need to concern about staining the parquet because any liquid that you spill onto it can easily be wiped off, unlike carpets which will require a professional steam cleaning service to get rid of the stain. And when it gets scratched, you only need to sand it down and apply a liberal coating of floor wax to repair it properly.

Parquetry floor installation

What makes parquet so appealing besides its looks is the fact that it is very easy to install. We can use it as a floating flooring by laying it over your existing flooring material. installing parquet is very easy, you only need to arrange them in the pattern that you like and then glue them down to the sub-floor. If you plan on using the inexpensive panel parquet, you only need to fit the tongue and groove to each other for a snug fit.

Should You DIY Parquet Flooring?

If you are a person who is experience in carpentry, then you can probably install the parquet flooring by yourself. But if you are just a regular homeowner who have no experience in handling tools, then best decision is to hire the services of a good timber flooring contractor. If you go about the installation of your parquet floors haphazardly, there is a chance that the panels are not fitting properly, or you might let the adhesive seep through the joins and stain the surface. If you want your parquet to turn out the way you imagined it, then you should get the services of a good flooring contractor like our company. Top wood timber flooring us are installing and restoring wooden floors for many years not, and we have done work all over the Melbourne area.

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