Parquetry flooring cleaning and caring

Parquetry is a style of flooring that is a mosaic of small wood parts. To some extent, parquet can be cleaned the same way as standard hardwood floors since it is made of wood, however, the pieces of wood used for parquet are very smaller and thinner than standard hardwood floorboards and therefore it should be treated more carefully. Exposure to water is always bad for wood as it causes the wood to swell and warp, which is even easier for the delicate parquet. Fortunately, parquet is sealed, usually with either polyurethane or wax, so it can be mopped with a little water when needed. However, you need to make sure to use a cleaner that will not strip the finish and expose the wood to damage later. If you will follow these simple strategies you can keep your parquet floor looking great and lasting a long time.

Is steam cleaning good for Parquetry flooring?

Steam cleaning is not suitable for parquet floor cleaning. Even though it uses a smaller amount of moisture, one of the main components of parquet is the glue used to adhere the wood pieces. Since the pieces are so thin and so much glue is used, the heat could cause the glue to loosen.

Steps cleaning paraquerty floors

  • First vacuum the entire floor to remove the majority of dirt, dust and sand. Most vacuums have a special setting for bare or hard floors. Don’t vacuum if there is no hard floor setting/attachment available. The rotating brush on the vacuum will damage the surface of the floor. Using the hose with a soft attachment is the safest way of vacuuming.
  • After that, use a broom to remove the smaller particles and dispose of them. Remove all of the grit from the surface prior to mopping. These tiny pieces of dirt and sand can cause scratches and act like abrasives when mopping.
  • Lastly, mop the floor with a damp mop. The key to successfully mopping hardwood flooring is to use as little moisture as possible. Plain water is sufficient for regular cleanings. Be sure to wring the mop out well each time you soak it.
  • If the floor is not properly cleaned with plain water or if it is specially soiled, add in floor cleaner designed for parquet flooring
  • Rinse with clean water if needed.Dry the floor with a cloth to prevent the water from sitting on the surface for too long.

Paquetry floor caring tips

  • Always remember to use decorative rugs in high traffic areas such as walkways, entries etc.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on paraquetry floors, cause it will damage the floor shine
  • Use less water always to clean the floors. Because wood and water doesn't go well together